Winchester, near the beautiful South Downs National Park is hosting the 2020 UK Nash Bash

26th to 28th June 2020

In Days of old, when knights (nights) were bold (cold) and thoughts turned to chivalry (lingerie), they gathered their nighties and pyjams and turned their steeds towards King Alfred's capital city, Winchester.

Winchester Rugby Ground
North Walls Park
Hillier Way
SO23 7SU


You can print a rego form Here

Who's Cumming

Name Hash Name
Karen Bostel Slurry
Ashley Bostel Little Dickie
Barry Shone Herr Flick
Anne Holland Cloggs
Kevin Raine Non Stick
Mark Harrow Mark E Mark
Jim Fowler Peanut
Pat Cavaliero Hooker
Amanda Cavaliero Geri
Charlie Bridgman Old Legover
Ingrid Bridgman Mrs Doubtfire
Roger Sommerville Babe
James Rogers Pissticide
Sally Rogers T-Bar Twin
David Payne Fishy
Andrew Keeler Piles Driver
Su Larque Checkpoint
Sue Tilney Sox Maniac
Rob Marshall Horny
Chris Heywood Crocket
Alan Peachey Scratley
Terri Peachey Kiwi Babe
Sheryl Lucey
Karen Edwards Desperate
Eugene Duffy Shitfer
Peter Lucey No-Ame-Me
Ian Pearson Whinge
Dea Pearson Tarmac Cuddler
Shaun Heywood Stabilisers
Amanda Stevens Wave Rider
Tony Stevens Nappy rash
Veronica Benson Posh Tart
Peter Lancaster Bomber
Stuart Simmons Cyclops
Rowena Naile Hoi Sin
Sean Naile Noodle
Terry Holmes Foghorn
Lucy Holmes Robinson Callgirl
Louise Cook Dunny
Andy Spicer Rampant
Mike King Bogman
Steve Callar Beerpump
Jo Dunman Catnap
David Strauss Straddle Various
Marilyn Strauss Miss Direction
Kirsten Sanford Reluctant Hooker
Daphne Timms Sweaty Betty
Marc Gill Total Twat

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