The Half Baked started largely by accident in the year 2000 when three incompetent and deluded hashers (Licks, Mudlark and Portia) organised the first weekend event at home for local Hampshire hashes. Hursley and Winchester had been frequent travellers to European hash events, often taking coach loads to places like Amsterdam and Paris. So the three founders thought it might be a good idea (little did they know) to have a local low cost weekend camping hash that would give everyone a chance to participate.

Thus it was that the Hampshire Bowman in Dunbridge, Hampshire hosted the first one in June 2000. Since then it has become an annual event moving around various venues (pubs in the main!) in Hampshire and even travelling away to hashing friends in Devon and Somerset (thanks guys for looking after us).

First, the name … Half Baked. “We can’t call it the Hampshire Bowman” said someone, “in case we want to do it again somewhere else”. So, after several hours (days, months, years … we’re not that clever!) Mudlark says “HB, we’ll call it the Half Baked”. “Brilliant” we all agreed. From there the idea took off and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now the Half Baked is well, half baked! Trail markings that would confuse an expert in hieroglyphics, serial fish-hooks, checks were you go backwards, piggy back, hop or four legged. Then there are checks with no way out and other bizarre activities such as egg catching (smashing) competitions, doughnut eating with a difference and sitting down regroups. The home RA who never (well nearly never) gives down downs and visiting RAs who always do. The Half Baked is probably the strangest hash around (and that’s saying something!), more confusing than most hashes and with so many “rules” all of them ridiculous, stupid and fun!